Top Landscape Trends for 2017


Top Landscape Trends for 2017

Perfectly manicured lawns and spaced flower beds are giving way to native grasses and earthy, simple looks. Natural beauty is where it’s at for landscaping design this year. Not only are natural landscapes easier on the pocket book, they require less time and are easier on the environment.

Tom and Jodi Levy of Vision Landscape and Design offer some tips on ways to reimagine our spaces and incorporate natural elements into any yard.

“We are seeing a switch from clean and geometric lines to a more authentic and real feel,” said Jodi Levy. Think simple yet wild. Part of bringing in a natural feel to the yard is to only have things that you enjoy. Start with a clear-out of all unnecessary items including broken or run-down decor, problem plants and any unkempt shrubs if you don’t have time for maintenance.

“If you have a rose bush in your yard that you hate dealing with but it’s pretty, it might be time to move on. You can definitely find something else that’s equally as pretty but needs less work,” said Levy.

Small shrubs and plants that are low maintenance are a great way to introduce that element of nature. Native plants are hardy, low maintenance and are resistant to drought. As an added bonus, birds, bees and butterflies thrive on the food and shelter provided by native flowers and grasses. Though our Saskatchewan climate doesn’t lend itself to a living wall, we can achieve the look by choosing a vine we like for a privacy fence or through the top of a pergola.

Hardscaping materials are popping up in more rougher looking finishes can lend that unrefined look. Patio stones that look like wood are popular for walkways, and using unfinished stones with rough edges can take place of a structured set of stairs. “We’re also seeing a mix of the old and the new together,” said Levy. Adding a modern touch with furniture or concrete to the timeless yard is a great way to mix styles.

Big expansive lawns are also heading out, and clients are choosing smaller lawn areas. Rather than the sprawling, manicured square lawn of yesteryear, Levy says many of their clients are choosing high-end synthetic turf edged with taller native grasses, shrubs or trees. Though turf seems to be completely contrary to “natural,” when you consider the low to no-maintenance aspect, it has its benefits. There is no need for pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or burning fuel with the mower


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