Spruce up outdoor spaces ahead of warmer seasons

spruce up

Spruce up outdoor spaces ahead of warmer seasons

Once spring arrives it’s time to spiff up outdoor gathering areas, whether patio, terrace or veranda. Warm weather draws family and friends, and you want that patio area to look its best. Start by just cleaning it up to get rid of the winter dirt then give everything a hard unabashed once-over to see what you need to update.

Check out the porch furniture that’s been sitting outdoors for the last 10 years. If it doesn’t need to be replaced but just looks a little drab, paint it. There is paint for just about anything these days whether plastic, textile, wood or metal. Consult with your local paint store to see what might do the job for you. Instead of throwing out last year’s accent pillows consider painting them as well – what have you got to lose?

As you are repainting your outdoor furnishings, think about a color that might coordinate with your plants. For example, lots of colors go very well and are even enhanced with purple blooms like verbena, lavender, clematis or iris. Think it through and, if necessary, get out the old color wheel to see what shades complement one another. Make a statement with your colors.

Add a conversation piece to the mix of your outdoor furnishings. Visit the local flea market and just meander around and see what strikes your fancy – it might be a statue, a typewriter, a trunk or a rowboat. Look for something fun to add to your seating areas that can serve two functions. Perhaps it could serve as storage, a flowerpot or as a focal point for a tete-a-tete.

Often our outdoor entertaining happens in the evenings, so one might want to renew their lighting. It could be a simple as a string of Christmas lights to add a festive air to the ambiance of the patio. Or if one wanted to really be creative they could incorporate a crystal chandelier in an area safe from the weather. One step further might be to add a chandelier that has served its time indoors but with a little TLC could be a candleholder outdoors. Think outside the box and the possibilities are endless.

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