A site that started as a blank slate with a sloping yard provided the opportunity to create this outdoor space that is far more dynamic as a multi-level space than it would be otherwise. With gardens interspersed between the patio areas connects the patios to the landscape and adds a lush feeling and soft edges to the hardscape.

Multiple levels of living  make this space dynamic and functional.  A large hardscape footprint provides ample opportunities for outdoor living with a design that integrated gardens and patios in a way that makes each space feel private and grounded in the landscape.  The slope of the existing site would have made a challenge for the standard flat patio but allowed the vision to see a the space in a different way.  In designing a space on multiple levels we created the opportunity for the custom built in bench and a fire pit patio that has some distance from the eating and cooking areas.  The view from the existing sunroom was a great asset that was maintained and enhanced by weaving planting beds between the various patios and paths.  Serpentine lines of the patio and walks blend in with the hillside in an artistic and seamless way that accentuate the plantings.  The planting beds themselves were designed to provide a lush but natural feel full of color and texture throughout spring, summer and fall.   The curved retaining wall serves to break the slope and also echoes the shape of the fire pit.


August 18, 2016


Case Studies, Weber