Another site with a blank slate on a sloping lot, this project was unique in that the overhead view was of equal importance as the ground view experience of the landscape.  A more traditional hardscape gives way to more rustic space at the sites edge.  All of the living spaces are interspersed with plantings that where designs again with a mosaic ground cover planting and a mostly native plant list.  We are really looking forward to seeing the gardens develop as the site matures.

In this extensive backyard transformation we created walkways, stairs and patios that provide incentive and access to get out and experience the beautiful woodlands that encircles the site.  The slope of the property required significant grading but the stone retaining walls now become a stunning backdrop for two of the outdoor terraces.  The entire hardscape uses local ‘Butler’ stone for the walls, boulder accents and water feature and Pennsylvania Bluestone and Flagstone for the patios and walks.  The design we created flows from the house into the woods into a more and more rustic setting.  So cut bluestone set into mortar at the house evolves into irregular set flagstone and stepping stones and ultimately into a mulched path to the forest glade in the woods.  The other hardscape features follow in kind so that the stone wall built with mortared stone with its custom designed nooks accented with hand cut bluestone shelves and accents later is replicated with dry stacked stone and boulder accents. The stone steps built with low rises of mortared stone and deep cut thermal faced bluestone treads later become fabricated chisel cut stone slabs and large scale irregular bluestone steppers.  All of this stone work was artfully shaped to be seen not only in first person real world experience but also as viewed from the existing second story sunroom off the master suite of the house.  An extensive planting plan was designed that includes a majority of native species developed to create a seasonal theme of blooms over matrix of ground covers will create a year round living mulch.  As these plantings mature edges of the stones will be softened and the lines between garden and woodland will be significantly blurred so that this backyard oasis is both connected to the natural setting and also an experience artistry.


July 25, 2016


Bossmeyer, Case Studies