Patio Personality: Enjoy the great outdoors with your own great style


Patio Personality: Enjoy the great outdoors with your own great style

Punching up your patio with some personality might be one of the most fun projects for your home. Since your goal is to make your patio reflect your own unique tastes, you really can’t go wrong.
Creating an outdoor living space is a win-win situation. Just like you might rearrange your living room, you can easily create a totally new outdoor look for this spring and summer. Start with a clean slate. Clear your deck, patio or porch and give it a good cleaning. Then take these tips and DIY yourself a space you love.


Begin with a focal point. Think of your outdoor space as a true room. Just as you have a focal point in your den or living room, which might be a view out the picture window or a fireplace, you should identify the focal point for your patio.
An outdoor room’s focal point may be a view into the back yard, a garden area or natural element like a creek or forest. It could also be something manmade, such as an outdoor fireplace, fire pit or wall-mounted TV. Use your focal point to think about how to arrange your furniture.
Consider how to use your patio space as well. Do you want a conversation area, a place to relax in the sun or an outdoor dining table? Choose your furniture accordingly.


When you aren’t sure what direction you want to take, get inspired by finding an inspiration piece. Find something you really love and identify with, then build from there. You might find inspiration in an accent pillow with geometric shapes, a mosaic birdbath or a string of lantern lights. From one item you love, it is easy to think about what would look great with it.
Paint in your personality with your choice of color palette for your outdoor room. It might be a reflection of your indoor decor, or it might be a chance to branch out. From the outdoors, you could go serene with shades of grass and sky or bold with shades of blooms. If your patio or deck is visible from a window or several windows from your home, stand inside and imagine how a brightly colored umbrella may change your view. Think about what enhances and what distracts. It might be just the personality punch you need.


Your outdoor room should be as comfortable as your indoor den. Make it a spot where you want to entertain and hang out.

Start with an indoor-outdoor rug to anchor your conversation area or dining table. Bring in comfort by adding pillows for lounging. Toss pretty throws over chairs for cooler evenings or mornings. Add an ottoman or pouf for lazy days of propping up your feet.

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