Outdoor Entertaining – Fun Ideas to Up Your Hosting EQ


Outdoor Entertaining – Fun Ideas to Up Your Hosting EQ

Up your EQ, Entertainment Quotient by entertaining your guests this season outside of the typical “backyard” box

Warmer temperatures makes everyone antsy to get outdoors. From picnics to barbecues, there are numerous ways to take advantage of the outdoors during this season. Instead of doing the usual, why not up your EQ (entertainment quotient) this year by entertaining outside of the typical backyard box. To get you started here are a few fun ideas.

#1 Host a wine tasting

Invite each guest to bring their favorite wine and food pairing (prepared dish – enough to serve the group) and share fun facts about the wine. Encourage each person to share things like the region or origin, types of grapes used to press or create the wine and which foods are best paired with their particular wine selection.

#2 Host a couples tea

This can be quite interesting since tea is typically thought of as a thing we girls like to do. Create a menu that is not your typical tea sandwiches to include items such as hearty beef, pork or crab cake sliders and perhaps even include a nice draft beer to keep the boys happy. Of course you can also honor tradition by making sure you have cucumber with watercress sandwiches on the menu, but instead of the safe cream cheese with lemon/dill spread, try spicing it up by adding a touch of “heat” such as cayenne or jalapeño.

#3 Host family supper on the lake, park or beach

To make this extra special, make the gathering as close to what you would typically do at home. Plan a menu that transports well and does not require a lot of work once you arrive.


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