Is Fall the Best Time to Install a Patio Fire Pit?

Fall the Best Time to Install a Patio Fire Pit?

Is Fall the Best Time to Install a Patio Fire Pit?


The transition from Fall to Summer can infer many changes in your personal plans as well as the critical decisions you make as a consumer. Most would agree that purchasing an out of season item may be counterintuitive because your new purchase would largely be unused until next year.

Using this logic, Fall is undoubtedly the best time to install a patio fire pit. Fire pits can add a completely new element to your backyard patio that the entire family will learn to love! Sit back and watch as the flames dance in a concerted performance of natures brilliance!

Up North Fire Pit

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Get the Most Out of Your Investment

Fall is the ideal time to install your outdoor fire pit because let’s face it, why would you ever consider installing a fire pit during the Summer? It would be pointless and frustrating. Ever try sitting under the summer heat sitting next to a roaring fire? No, didn’t think so.

Autumn falls in-between Summer and Winter. Getting your fire pit in place before Winter is recommended so that you don’t run into any complications with the installation process. You don’t want to try installing your fire pit in the pouring rain or when it’s snowing. Trust us on this one. Furthermore, once everything is all in place, you’re ready to rock and roll! Crank up the fire and start enjoying! Don’t we all love the sweet taste of instant-gratification?

Keep the Party Going!

Patio Productions believes that no one should be forced to succumb to the pressures of daunting temperatures. Keep the party going by adding a new fire pit to your patio! Cooler weather means you’ll be getting cozy with friends, family, and the ones you love most. Who knows, maybe you’ll ignite a spark of romance!

Spark up Some Romance around your outdoor fire pit!
With a plentiful supply of heat, you can continue enjoying family get-togethers, birthday parties, and dining events around your outdoor kitchen during the Fall season. You pay your mortgage payment year round so why not enjoy your backyard during all seasons!

Change in Season

Enjoying the beauty of mother-nature is what it’s all about. This is the essential difference between man-made indoors settings and the succulent aromas of nature. Have you ever heard someone say, “Don’t you love the Great Indoors!” Probably not and there’s a reason for it.

Nature puts on a fascinating show all on its own. While the temperatures begin to dip, you can catch front row seats as leaves begin to change colors, birds migrate across the night skies, and trees are reborn again. Best of all, outdoor fire pits have all of the same heating capabilities as their indoor counterparts and can even offer more BTU’s in some cases.

Outdoor Activities to Try Around Your Fire Pit

Join in on some of the most memorable American Past Times. Raising your children without showing them the proper way to roast a marshmallow over an open fire should be criminal! Here are some other fun filled activities that you can try out around the fire pit this Fall!

Roasting Marshmallows around the fire!

    • Game Time– Watch the game with your rowdy friends. Wives will love this idea because they won’t have to worry about screams of agony and constant chatter as your husband and his friends debate over how the final play will turn out. You will thank us later. Let the boys play outside!
    • Camp Out– Make a family night with all of your kids to create some time for bonding! Camp out in the backyard to bring your family closer together and appreciate some of the subtleties of the Earth that we often dismiss in our hectic lives.
    • Star Gazing– This can be a fun outdoor activity that won’t require much planning. Be spontaneous, lay down a blanket and watch your mind roam. Star gazing is a relaxing activity that improves both mental and physical conditions.
    • Roasting Marshmallows– As stated before, not teaching a child how to roast marshmallows over an open fire should be criminal! Don’t deprive your children of this awesome experience. Huddle around the fire with your family and tell your best ghost-stories!


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