How to Incorporate Indoor-Outdoor Living into Your Home


How to Incorporate Indoor-Outdoor Living into Your Home

Indoor-outdoor living incorporates the best of both worlds into one space.

According to House Beautiful, the epitome of indoor-outdoor rooms means that, “If you moved them inside, you wouldn’t have to change a thing.” From living areas to backyard kitchens, these indoor-outdoor trends can give your home an inside-out twist.


Outdoor bedroom

Who wouldn’t want to sleep outside and wake up to the birds chirping? Indoor-outdoor bedrooms are a trendy way to reconnect with nature and get a good night’s sleep without camping out in your backyard.

Enclosed rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows make indoor-outdoor bedrooms possible. But even if you don’t have an enclosed space, you can still incorporate the style into your home by enclosing a patio or porch and adding all of your slumber necessities. If you don’t want to bring the bed outside, you can go out on a limb and hang a swinging bed (think of a futon as a swing) or a hammock.

Living Rooms

Outdoor living room with fireplace

The great outdoors is a wonderful living area. One of the latest trends is to incorporate features that permit you to entertain outside all year long.

For those in warmer climates, this could mean simply adding some shelter such as a pergola, a covered patio or a gazebo to provide shade and protection from rain. In cooler climates, adding a fire feature can greatly extend your time outdoors. Stone or brick fireplaces, fire pits and chimineas (Spanish front-loading fireplaces with a chimney) are all warm choices.

To really bring the indoors outside, incorporate TVs into your outdoor living space. You can watch the game with friends or enjoy your own version of a much more comfortable drive-in movie. If you choose a smart TV, you can even work or stream your favorite shows outside.

Kitchens and Dining Areas

Outdoor kitchen and island bar

Remember when you used to prep food inside and then take it outside to grill? Those days are gone; just take the whole process outside. Outdoor kitchens and dining areas are known to increase the value of your home because they expand your usable space.

The Huston family of contractors in Olathe, Kansas, reports that outdoor kitchens are kicking it up a notch.

“Some of the best outdoor kitchen designs we’ve seen have been incorporating open-air patio structures to protect their outdoor cooking haven,” Huston Contracting says. “These covered kitchens feel like being outside, but still protect the space from rain, sleet and snow!” Other top outdoor kitchen trends for 2017 they note include open-flame barbecues and pizza ovens, additional counter space and bar areas.

Making the Transition Outside

Outdoor living room

Indoor-outdoor living sounds simple, but consider this. Anyone can throw a couch outside on the lawn, but that doesn’t make it an ideal living space.

Maintaining outdoor furnishings is much different than taking care of indoor items. The items must withstand humidity, moisture and wind, direct sunlight if the area isn’t shaded, and temperature differences as the seasons change. In order to get the most out of your experience, the National Association of Landscape Professionals suggests that you carefully consider the following factors when choosing outdoor furnishings.


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