Cool Sustainable and Stylish DIY Ideas For Outdoor Solar Lighting


Cool Sustainable and Stylish DIY Ideas For Outdoor Solar Lighting


Solar power is everywhere–solar-powered clothing and backpacks that charge your gadgets on the go, solar-powered camping tents, Tesla’s solar roof shingles and even keyless solar bike locks that alert you if someone tries to nab your wheels.  Solar has gone mainstream.

Renewable energy sources for the home powered by the sun can be stylish as well as sustainable. And if you are even a little crafty, you might entertain some of these creative DIY ideas for solar landscape lighting in your backyard garden, patio, or balcony.

Photo: Jeanne King, Pinterest.

Harness Sun Power for DIY Upcycled Designs
Recycled household objects don’t need to end up in the landfill. Consider upcylcing and old chandelier, lamp shade form, disused kitchen items such as mason jars and other “found” objects you can turn into decorative and practical solar light fixtures.

Photo: Phomz.

Got leftover mason jars from making all that jam from your homegrown organic strawberries? Be even more eco-friendly and make some solar pathway lights using these jars upside-down.

You may need to purchase some new items as part of your projects, but most are readily available and inexpensive–and again, you can decide to reuse them again at a later time.

Via The Solar House.

Got some extra small stones on your property or leftovers from a completed garden project? Think about filling some glass vessels and topping them off with a small solar lights,

Photo: April Converse, Pinterest.

Go For the Green Glow
Yep, that old chandelier you were going to toss or the one you found at that tag sale would look pretty great with a coat of your favorite color paint and decorated with beads (or found crystal pieces.) Replace the usual light bulbs with small solar lights, hang in your favorite sunny outdoor spot, and at when the sun sets you will have an illuminated focal point for your garden.

Photo: Virginia Riviera, Pinterest.

A tree stump finds new life as an outdoor solar light fixture perfect for illuminated a pathway or as a stand-alone piece. Place a solar landscape light on top of it and you’re set to glow.


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