About Nature’s Artisans

About Nature’s Artisans

Nature’s Artisans was founded in 2001, as Gaia Gardens, by Justin F. Milio with the goal of providing services to residential clients seeking an environmentally friendly landscape. With experience in both traditional landscaping and environmentally restoration landscaping, we have been able to provide innovative solutions and beautiful designs that work with, not against, our local ecology. Commitment to our craft has garnered us a reputation for quality as well as multiple awards and spotlights in local media. We are equally committed to maintaining long term relationships with our clients.

Our Mission

To be a client-first provider of ecologically sound landscape services. To hear our client’s goals, envision possibilities, and create transformed spaces. To conduct all our business with honesty, integrity, and consideration for our impact on the Earth in our services and practices.

Our Vision

Residential and commercial developments account for the majority of land use within the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Creating sustainable and aesthetic landscapes in these areas is the only means of maintaining ecological balance. Water and air quality improvements in local communities will follow environmentally sensitive development practices. Style and aesthetic need not be disregarded in an environmentally sustainable landscape. In fact, well designed, sustainable landscapes will not only improve habitat and ecology but reduce operating costs, increase property values and improve overall quality of life.