Winter weather, with snowfall, sleet, and ice, can make driveways, sidewalks, stoops, and other outdoor areas dangerous for pedestrians. Such precipitation and freezing conditions also make safe operation of vehicles a much greater challenge. But life doesn’t come to a halt just because some snow falls or some asphalt freezes over. Even when wintry weather sets in, we still need to get to work, get to the grocery store, go to medical appointments, visit friends and family, and a million other things.

The key to staying safe when venturing out during the depths of winter weather is to plan ahead. That means checking the forecast daily to anticipate upcoming weather and running any errands you can before the snow falls. It means preparing the surfaces on which you’ll have to walk with snow melt products. It means having the right footwear to keep you upright and stable and the right protective clothing to keep yourself dry and warm. And it means having a few key products on hand that can help you clear snow and ice quickly and efficiently so you can get on with your life.

For starters, you need a great snow shovel. I’ve already written about the DMOS Alpha snow shovel, and it’s still my top pick in that department. But a snow shovel is just one part of the arsenal you need to stay safe around your property this winter.