5 Fire Pit Accessories for Unforgettable Fall Evenings


5 Fire Pit Accessories for Unforgettable Fall Evenings

Is there anything more enjoyable than a cool fall evening around your backyard firepit with family and friends? These five accessories will help you get even more out of your fire pit.

1) Waterproof Log Storage

You’ll never be rained out of an evening around the fire pit with this waterproof log rack cover. The cover also comes with vents to prevent mildew from growing on your firewood. Pair the cover with a 4-foot log rack.

2) Roasting Skewers

Indulge in fire roasted hot dogs and marshmallows this fall. These skewers have a bamboo handle for easy grip, and expand to 32 inches, making them a kid friendly option.

3) Log Grabber

The fire is dying down, but the night is far from over. Add more logs with heavy duty log tweezers, which help you build up your firepit without risking burns.

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